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The best leader of youth culture of korea!
Fostering a creative youth who contributes to our country and all civilization

Motto, Slogan / Items of virtue of practice / Goal of practice

Motto, Slogan

A youth you finds our root and nurture to spread out to the world

  • Do all we have to do
  • Let’s live in harmony
  • Be progressive
  • Let’s nurture cultural root
  • Let’s be a proud Korean in the world
Items of virtue of practice
  • autonomy
  • responsibility
  • creativity
  • cooperation
  • volunteership
  • patriotism
Goal of practice
  1. 1Maintain a healthy body and the mind
  2. 2Be a voluntary person who is responsible and keeps duties.
  3. 3Maintain a proper national viewpoint and ethical belief
  1. 4Inherit tradition and creating new ideas
  2. 5Be an active player in contributing to reunification of Korea,
  3. 6Nature a vigorous and progressive spirit