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The best leader of youth culture of korea!
Fostering a creative youth who contributes to our country and all civilization

Introducing the badge and the character

Korea Youth Association badge
Korea Youth Association badge
  1. mmense universe

    A tree inside a circular space
    which is a symbol of immense universe,is an embodiment of a growing youth.

  2. Items of virtue of practice

    Six branches signify the practice virtues ofautonomy, responsibility, creativity, cooperation, volunteership, and patriotism

  3. The enterprising spirit. unity

    The unity branch signifies the enterprising spirit,
    and branches converging to the middle signifies the unity of the youth.

Introduction of the character
Koya Korea Youth Association

Koya of Korea Youth Association The character, Koya (Korea Youth Association)
Ko signifies Korea,
Ya is for the shouts of the youth, a symbol of yaho yaho ( Korean word for ‘hurray’) of the members
of the Korea Youth Association.

Koya is a lovely fairy who enables the exhibition of dream, hope, strong determination, infinite potential and creativity for all the youth around the wolrd based on the 6 virtues of Korea Youth Assocation- voluntary participation/ responsibility/ creativity/ cooperation/ volunteership/patriotism.