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The best leader of youth culture of korea!
Fostering a creative youth who contributes to our country and all civilization



  • 2011

    2011 Commemoration of 30th founding of the foundation
    Opening of Hi- Seoul youth hostel

  • 2010

    2010 Taebak-si youth training center consignment operation

  • 2009

    honor youth organization commendation
    Changdong Youth House of Culture consignment operation
    Sindong youth children promotion center opening

  • 2008

    Wooya Hwang inauguration as the 10th president

  • 2007

    Cheongju Counseling House of Youth opening
    Chungcheong province Youth

  • 2004

    Taebaek Youth Center opened

  • 2001

    Gyeongsangnam-do Office of Education Youth Hapcheon campsites consignment operations
    Chajongtae inaugurated as the 8-9th president


  • 1999

    Labor Youth Welfare adding culture center operations
    Seoul Special City Youth Volunteer Center (now the Youth Activity Promotion Center) opened
    Seoul Special City Jungnang Youth Center opened

  • 1998

    Yu Cheol Ok inaugurated as the 7th president
    Guro Youth shelter opened (now Geumcheon youth shelter)

  • 1997

    Han Rive Turtle Ship operated

  • 1996

    The 21th hyohaengsang Special Award (Samsung Welfare Foundation)
    volunteer president Excellence Award

  • 1995

    Gangdong Youth Center consignment operations


  • 1994

    Gim Jip inaugurated as the 6th president

  • 1992

    new living material promoting contribution President Merit Award

  • 1991

    Busan Youth Consultation opened
    won youth group president Excellence Award

  • 1990

    Gim Jip inaugurated as the 5th president
    established Korea Federation of Youth development Foundation


  • 1989

    Mun Tae Gap inaugurated as the 4th president

  • 1987

    Ahn Pil Jun 3rd inaugurated as the 3rd president

  • 1986

    Boramae moved to the new office building

  • 1985

    Lee Sang - Kyu inaugurated as the 2nd president


  • 1984

    Korean-American youth began
    Working Youth Group began (Boram group)

  • 1983

    Korean Youth Institute started
    Youth counseling office established

  • 1982

    Kim Yong Hyu invited to be inaugurated as the president
    Student Youth Group starts (Aram group, Nuri group. Hanbyul group)
    Seoul Special City Workers Welfare Center opened (currently a working youth welfare )

  • 1981

    Korea Youth Association established
    Promulgation of Law on promoting KoreanYouth Association (Law No. 3434)
    Central Secretariat opened (Jongno-gu Gongpyeong)