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The best leader of youth culture of korea!
Fostering a creative youth who contributes to our country and all civilization


Association recognized by society(Association loved for life from the family, Achieve number 1 image brand (Youth Team Division), Secure permanent foundation of development) → top leader of the Republic of Korea Youth Culture


Cultivate a creative youth who contributes to society and the entire country

Sectoral core strategy
First class KOYA!

Using the systematic management practices to minimize the group finance, reinforcing the foundation of activities supporting women leaders, and strong volunteer force and establishing the foundation by securing future sponsorship.

  • develop the foundation of the youth group organization based on configuration of developed countries
  • Fame and rods, the number 1 spirit of sacrifice KOYA!
  • Securing of strong sponsorship forces
Future Leaders

Elite faculty training and train future leaders in the new system by adopting a new system

  • Differentiation of cultivating leaders
  • Introduction of efficient training system
  • Including training to contribute to the society
Program to go ahead

Youth empowerment and youth development program with a specialization in the subject of the action could lead to changes in society as South Korean youth culture to take a leap as the a top leader of youth culture

  • Characterization of the specific activities of the Association
  • Mecca of the Korean Youth activities
  • Develop social change programs. Including distribution
Brand Image # 1

Achieving number one ranking in marketing sector youth organizations brand image via differentiation of PR

  • Change is the motor of growth
  • All of the union family are brands
  • Getting publicity activities, including development
Forever KOYA

Successful. Implementing permanent foundation of financial independence and building an effective personnel management system

  • Support for the regional independence of the regional association for contribution to the regional community
  • Early excavations and intensive training for next generation of managers
  • Implementing effective human resource pool management system
Sinbaram (fun) League

Training the Professional Youth Leader in the growth-related sectors, as the opinion leaders with their combined expert knowledge in creating new youth culture in Korea

  • Offers various self-realization opportunities
  • Enhancing the function of staff research
  • Youth Leader 양성Training professional youth leader