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The best leader of youth culture of korea!
Fostering a creative youth who contributes to our country and all civilization


In order to be a member
  • To nurture the youth as befitting to the globalized soceity
  • Promoting mutual friendship and cooperative relationship between countries
  • To expand the horizon and obtain new experience through bilateral interaction
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To issue a membership - compatible with the Kyobo Center affiliation membership

If you become a member, you could have access to various activities of the federation and participate in various online community acitivities.

  • Direct imported foreign books from Kyobo Center are subject to 10% discount
  • The 3% of the purchased price could be used as a accumulated rea-time cyber money
  • Purchase internet Kyobo books for 10-30% discounted price
  • When applying for a new member application, within the
    agreed member, there are a lot of advantages
    as the members automatically

Composition of the members
Division The group name qualifications
Elementary school Aram Group Elementary school 3-6th grade
Middle school Nuri Group Middle School 1-3rd grade
High School Hanbyul Group High school 1-3rd grade
University Hanwoo Group University 1-4rd grade
office worker Boram group working teens
The meaning of the group name
  • Aram signifies the condition of the chenuts or acrons hanging on the tree, which are ripe to good extent, or signifies the fruit itself. If the tree deeply enrooted in natures is a metaphor for the Korea Youth Association, ‘aram’ is the fruite the ripes on the branch of this tree. This association’s youth group, which is consisted mainly of around the elementary students, is the ‘Aram group.’
  • Nuri means the world of the earth and the sky, and it could have other meaning of the human world. Our association calls the teengers the ‘Nuri group’, who are situated in an age between a child and a young adult and puts all their might into training their mind and the body to be a proud youth of this country.
  • In addition to the meaning of ‘one’, hte ‘han’ of the ‘hanbyul’ has other numerous meanings- If put in front of the name, if could mean ‘big,’ like the ‘han’ road and ‘han’ field. Or it could mean ‘proper,’ like ‘right in the middle of the road/ space,’ and ‘in the right middle." Our association calles the youth group consisted of high school students as ‘hanbyul group.
  • Hanwol could be divided into two big meanings- one, big ‘wori,’ which means the people around the world, could signify the civilization. Other meaning could be the ‘big fence,’ a.k.a the ‘universe’ or the ‘sky.’ Hanwol group is a youth group consisted of university students, who have the intellect to appreciate the people of the nations as one family under one fence.
  • Boram( in Korean word) is a good result given to the people after their incessant effort for their self achievement.. We consider the our working teenagers the ‘boram’, who work diligently at the work site with the attitude of strong determination and sincere perspective towards life, in addition to practicing the love and volunteership to the society and the neighbors. Our association calls this working teenage group as the ‘boram group.’