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The best leader of youth culture of korea!
Fostering a creative youth who contributes to our country and all civilization


Activities of the member

Association’s Aram group, Nuri group, and members of the Hanbyul actively engage in 8 main acitivities in the mountains and the oceans, and nurture big dreams as the leaders of the future generation

  • Science information activities

    It is an activity to obtain conative management ability through cultivating a scientific thinking ability as a leader of 21st century.

    Cyber game tournament, computer contest, informazation education program, internet information browsing context, cyber counseling, homepage contest conference

  • Cultural sensitivity activity

    It is an acitivity to foster a quality as a cultural democratic citizen by finding our root through proper understanding of our history and sense of balance, and through a thorough historical consciousness and national pride

    Visiting cultural sites, youth cultural events, member progressing event, national youth collective art festival, cultural sites exploring acitivity, movement of finding the rurual culture, essay contest, drawing contest, exploration of the territory acitivity, youth gathering event, youth regional exchange acitivity, youth creative dancing tournament, youth exchange between the east and west region, and etc

  • Community service

    It is an activity to foster the attitude and habit of thanking in the heart of loving and volunteering for the neighbors, the society, and the country

    Rewriting epitaph, volunteering activity, volunteering activity to find the lost children, organizing the traffic for the school roads, nature conservation activity, volunteering service for the rural areas, campaign for love of national flag, respecting elders activity, research activity to find act of goodness to parents, creating clean eatery, campaign against drug abuse, volunteering service exhibition, business to create sister affiliation of the disabled facilities, volunteering services with parents, and etc

  • Loving country activity

    It is an activity to perceive the reality of the divided nation through the experience on the ground and foster patriotism and dedication to our nation, in addition to gaining experience of unity and community spirit

    Country love parade for hope for reunification, Agency training camp, tunnel tour, Panmunjom tour, military entrance Training, Honorary enrollment military Academy, maritime pilgrimage, history, Know, Youth battlefield pilgrimage activities, youth islets exploration activities

  • International exchange activities

    It is an activity to fostor the quality as the leader, who could actively adapt to the globalized society and compete alongside the citizens of the world, through overseas study and youth mutual exchange

    International friendship cultural exchange activity, overseas study, visiting foreign youth facilities, cultural exploration and experience study, invitation of foreigners in Korea in a camp, global youth gathering fair, IACE teenager and leader exchange activity, and etc/p>

  • Cultural tradition activity

    It is an activity to inherit and improve our cultural tradition so that we could adopt the foreign culture on the basis of our own culture, in a way to maintain our tradition and create new culture

    Cultural tradition class, attitude class, learning our culture, talk chum mask dance class, Pungmulnori, Youth Pungmulnori competition, Member creative recital, pottery class, kite-making class, and etc

  • Self-development activity

    It is an activity to foster proper qualities as the future leader and cultivate good personality as the main character of tomorrow

    Section executive retreats, family camps, feature training, leader training, ski classes, graduate training section, feature training, training development, Samsung development traning, bangsang classroom, autonomic activity as competition, and etc