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Korea Youth Association has been emphasizing the preciousness of our spirit, and has been maintaining the love for the country and dedication for the nation.
From this, we have been letting the teenagers know about the importance of having a pride for the nation and appreciating our tradition, in addition to maintaining our essence and cultivating it. However, Japan has been disputing over the possession of Dokdo and even distorted the history in their middle school common curriculum. calling it their national territory.

In order to raise the alarm on this problem, Korea Youth Association has been operating a business in order to provide proper understanding of Dokdo to our youth and to instill the love of our nation and the spirit of preservation of our territory.
Especially, in 2010, in commemoration of 100th year of national humiliation, 16 cities, counties, including the Korean Teacher Federation declared the Dokdo day, with collaboration of the Korean History Education Research Center and Dokdo Academy.

Korea Youth Association would precede various programs to inform about proper knowledge of Dokdo and promote the Dokdo Day. And under the slogan, 2011 Dokdo we will protect you!, 2012 smile Dokdo! Smile youth!, Korea Youth Association has been continuously implementing Dokdo preserving campaign with the teens.

  • In order to cultivate the youth expert through proper understanding of Dokdo
  • In order to provide various information to handle the history distortion and foster critical thinking.
  • In order to provide opportunity for love of nation, and perceive the importance of the country and patriotism through activities.
  • In order to provide pride for the nation and Dokdo through love of nation activity.
Major activities
  • Early session Hanwulhae Paeklyeong province, Wuleong province, Dokdo patriotic pilgrimage,
    and etc Visiting Ullengdo province, and Dokdo, and implement various programs
    to know Doko properly.
  • 2010 10.25 proclamation ceremony for the Dokdo day
    (Seoul Heukseok School auditorium, special classes conducted)
  • 2011 3.28 Korea Youth Association- Korean teacher collective symposium
    ‘youth history education through Dokdo’
  • 10.25 Commemoration for the Dokdo da ( Seoul Jongro-gu Myungryun-dong)
  • 10.28~25 Implement the designated Dokdo preserver activity on the Dokdo day
  • 2012 July-Auguest Ullengdo, Dokdo
    Host: Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
    Duration: July 22-25 / July 25-28 / August 5-8 /August 8-11
    Name of the program: Narasarang Dokdo experience youth Dokdo explorer
    implement total 4 programs
  • 10.25 2012 Implement Doko day Commemoration
    ( Duksung Girl’s middle school hall, implement Dokdo special session)
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