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The best leader of youth culture of korea!
Fostering a creative youth who contributes to our country and all civilization


There is something special in Woorieol.
Woorieol is the News section of the Korea Youth Association. It consists of various sections, such as culture, information, and activities of interest to the provide necessary information to the members.

  • It is consisted in workbook form and it is used as the activity book for the members .
  • Full of various forms section that involves direct participation!
  • Messenger of the activities of the members as you could glance the news
    of the activities of the members nationwide.
  • Pride of the members, because only the members could see it
  • meeting once in two months (published six times) a year
  • Price is reasonable! Full of quality!

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TIP for using woorieol for the leaders
  • It is used as the member activity material - Provide a variety of information required in section activities
  • Unleashing various talents of the members by leveraging the participation - Pictures, simultaneous, activities and photographs submitted
  • Apply for the school visit and introduce our school nationwide.
  • Introducing of special activities of the school through my essay of member life of the association.
  • We would proceed with the online member activity through Woorieol Club ( within Koyanara)
  • We would recommend Woorieol subscription member to Woorieol honorary ambassador and provide various beneficiary opportuniy to that member.
Learning common sense about Woorieol with the Boy Republic!
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