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The best leader of youth culture of korea!
Fostering a creative youth who contributes to our country and all civilization

Celebrity Ambassadors

Appointed reason

- pursue other challenges and adventure different from others in their position through their own behavior style
- active image to pursue dreams and the ideal is consistent with the purposes of the association

Appointed period

December 12, 2013 ~ December 11, 2014

Activity content
  • Activities supported only through the participation League events and performances participation
  • Association for, outside PR - Website, promotional materials, etc
  • News section on the association [woorieol – special features articles and articles encouraging to join
  • Series published in the serial of League news section [woorieol]
Activity situation

October 29, Appointed Ambassador
November 28, 2013 promo shot
December, 2013 interview with Ambassador woorieol second edition


December 12, appointed ambassador
2014 promo shot
Interviewed and photographed cheering message
March 12, performance at north of Seoul, Hongik Design high school
March 19, performance at Alliance Incheon Incheon girl’s middle school